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Make an informed decision about your Primary Care Doctor in Asheville, NC

How can you find a Primary Care Physician?

Choosing a doctor in Asheville can be challenging; You might not want to just pick a name out of the phone book. If your insurance company requires you to choose a PCP, you may want to take time to research your options. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Your health insurance company: Your health insurance company may have listings of doctors in their network who are accepting new patients. Choosing a PCP is often the first step in seeking treatment under an HMO or PPO plan. PCPs will handle any referrals to specialists you need.
  • Personal referral: People often ask their friends, families and co-workers for referrals to Primary Care Physicians. If someone you respect and trust has a positive experience with a doctor, it’s more likely you too will like that particular physician.
  • Current Physicians: If you are moving to a new area, you could ask your current physician to help you find a PCP in your new neighborhood.
  • Hospitals: It is common for hospitals to offer a referral service that can provide you with the names of staff doctors who meet certain criteria you may be seeking, such as specialty, gender, experience and location.

Why should you choose a Primary Care Physician?

Don’t wait until you get sick to choose a PCP. Primary Care Physicians see their patients regularly, looking for symptoms a patient may not notice. Annual exams may help your PCP guide you toward healthy lifestyle habits that may decrease the likelihood that you’ll need expensive specialty care. In most cases, a PCP will need to refer you to a specialist should you need one. PCPs can educate patients on healthy habits and catch early warning signs that may require further investigation. For example, a routine health exam may uncover conditions such as high blood pressure or even hormonal imbalances due to glandular problems. Health problems like these can go unnoticed by the patient for years resulting in serious chronic health issues. Developing a relationship with your Primary Care Physician can help keep illnesses at bay. Remember the old adage: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Why should I choose Cannon Family Health as my Family Doctor in Asheville, NC?

Our Philosophy at Cannon Family Health is not only to provide superior care, we also provide options to change your lifestyle to help you achieve your optimum health. We want to help you be healthy and strong. At Cannon Family Health, our mission is to help individuals who want to add years to their lives and life to their years by empowering them to take control of their health. We provide aggressive, compassionate care to patients in a timely manner. Our Family Doctors and Health Professionals are dedicated to helping people realize their potential with their health, lifestyle and attitude.

Our Doctors have been practicing medicine in Asheville, NC for over 15 years now and we understand that being ill is not only frustrating, it is also scary. We don't talk to you in hard-to-understand medical jargon. We carefully review your case, recommend necessary tests, and communicate our findings to you compassionately and in easy-to-understand terms.

We want to help you be healthy and strong. Not only do we provide superior care, we also provide options to change your lifestyle to help you achieve your optimum health.