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High Blood Pressure

(Hypertension) Every time you visit us, we will take your blood pressure and record it in your health record. This is part of our responsibility to you as our patient. We are committed to preventative healthcare and wellness for you.

A normal blood pressure is 120/80.

Pre-hypertension is when your blood pressure numbers start to creep up – 120-139/ 80-89.

Hypertension Stage I is a consistent elevated reading of the blood pressure of 140-159/90-99. This happens over several visits and at least 3 blood pressure readings.

Hypertension Stage 2 is a consistent elevated reading of the blood pressure at greater than 160/greater than 100.

Our healthcare team will support you by seeing you at regular intervals and giving you some short and long goals to manage your blood pressure and get it under control.

Some of the short and long goals are:

  • Adopt a health meal plan
  • Set Exercise goals such as a walking plan
  • Maintain healthy body weight
  • Follow the Mediterranean Diet
  • Work on reducing your blood pressure numbers
  • Take medication as prescribed
  • Reset your life goals

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